Devastating Hollywood Strike Leaves Hair Stylists and Glam Squad Professionals Unemployed

**Hollywood Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists Struggle Amid Strikes and Declining Rates**

*Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists in Hollywood Face Uncertain Future*

Kim Kimble and other Hollywood hair stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists have found themselves unemployed due to the strikes by actors and screenwriters, as well as the declining rates in the industry. These professionals were already struggling to rebuild their livelihoods after the months-long coronavirus shutdowns, and the strikes have only added to their challenges. Crew and support staff in various roles across the entertainment industry are also facing unemployment. This article delves into the experiences of these professionals and their fears about losing their homes and health insurance. It also explores their search for alternative career options, the impact of reduced pay, and the plight of those who focus solely on film projects amid these strikes.

**An Uncertain Future for Hollywood Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists**

The strikes by writers and actors have dealt a severe blow to the livelihoods of hair stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists in Hollywood. Even before the strikes, studios had been reluctant to greenlight new projects, leaving many professionals unemployed for months. With no end to the strikes in sight, these workers fear losing their homes and health insurance. Linda Dowds, a makeup artist based in Los Angeles, feels heightened anxiety due to the strikes. While she has managed to keep her health insurance through the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild for now, she knows that this situation won’t be sustainable in the long term. Kim Kimble, a highly regarded hair stylist who has worked with big names like Beyoncé and Taraji P. Henson, shares the same concerns. Hair styling is her passion, and she struggles to envision any other career path.

**Reduced Pay and Financial Struggles**

In addition to the strikes, hair stylists and makeup artists have been dealing with reduced pay in recent years. Matin Maulawizada, a makeup artist based in New York, laments that they now earn just one-tenth of what they used to for the same job in 2005. The rates have decreased significantly, even for working with A-list clients on red carpet events. Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec in New York echoes these sentiments. She has been working with A-list celebrities for over a decade but still worries about making rent. While she has managed to sustain herself through teaching entrepreneurial skills online and working with brands, she acknowledges the challenges faced by her colleagues who solely rely on salon clients. As actors are currently not working regularly, their hairstylists and groomers are forced to resort to house calls and other alternative means of income.

**The Struggles of Film-focused Professionals**

The strikes pose a significant threat to professionals who are solely dedicated to film projects. Many of these individuals lack an online presence and focus on providing expert services behind the scenes. Matin Maulawizada highlights the predicament they face, as brands increasingly invest in influencers rather than professionals. To address this issue, he has been pitching ideas to brands to donate money to professional makeup artists in exchange for social media video posts demonstrating how to use their products. Maulawizada believes that this will give professionals the opportunity to showcase their expertise and talent, which may help them secure future work. Despite his efforts, he admits that there is a sense of worry among professionals in the industry, as bills continue to pile up.

**The Dire Situation for All Entertainment Industry Workers**

Hollywood hair stylists, makeup artists, and other professionals in the entertainment industry find themselves in dire straits due to the strikes and declining rates. Whitney Anne Adams, a costume designer, shares her experience of work drying up completely, with no prospects in sight. She acknowledges that there are limited options available at this moment and has focused on union work, providing resources and support to fellow workers. Adams believes that the solidarity shown during these strikes will make a difference when their contracts are negotiated next year. She emphasizes the need for fair contracts to ensure the well-being of everyone involved in the industry.


The strikes by writers and actors have caused immense hardship for hair stylists, makeup artists, and other professionals in the entertainment industry. These workers are grappling with unemployment, reduced pay, and the fear of losing homes and health insurance. The strikes have highlighted the need for fair contracts and better rates in the industry. Despite their challenges, professionals like Matin Maulawizada and Julie Kandalec have found alternative sources of income, such as teaching online and working with brands. However, the situation remains uncertain for those primarily focused on film projects. The support and solidarity of workers across the industry are crucial as they navigate these challenging times.

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