Harnessing Employee Advocacy Power on Twitter

**Title:** Employee Advocacy on Twitter: How to Implement and Boost Your Charity’s Digital Strategy

Welcome to our comprehensive training session on employee advocacy on Twitter for charities. In this video, Paige, our dedicated Charity Liaison Officer, will guide you through the process of utilizing your staff members as advocates to promote your organization on Twitter. As a charity, your employees are your most valuable assets, and their passion and knowledge can be instrumental in spreading the word about your cause and services.

First, we’ll provide an overview of Twitter, highlighting its significance as a leading social media platform with 126 million daily users. Despite its immense potential, Twitter poses challenges such as oversaturated feeds and a non-chronological timeline, which can affect how your posts are seen. We’ll discuss strategies to overcome these obstacles and convey your brand’s personality within the platform’s communication style.

Next, we’ll delve into the concept of employee advocacy, which involves the active promotion of your organization by your staff members. This could include your CEO, marketing manager, or fundraising manager, among others. Employee advocacy goes beyond sharing and liking posts; it’s a strategic, sustainable program aimed at encouraging employees to organically share your brand’s values and messages. We’ll explore the importance of setting goals, implementing metrics to measure progress, and creating a plan for long-term success.

Employee advocacy works because people are more likely to trust and engage with content shared by individuals rather than by brands. Research indicates that employee shares have double the click-through rate of corporate shares. Additionally, employee networks tend to be larger and more easily expandable than corporate brand networks. By leveraging your employees as brand ambassadors on Twitter, you can significantly increase your social media reach and enhance your credibility with your target audience.

To get started with employee advocacy on Twitter, we recommend taking care of some initial housekeeping. This includes determining whether employees should create new profiles specifically for their role as brand ambassadors or use their existing accounts. Each approach has its benefits, and it ultimately depends on the preferences and pre-established engagement on employees’ personal profiles. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of ensuring clear profile photos that reflect your brand and the employee’s association with your organization.

Join us for an insightful session on employee advocacy on Twitter, and learn how to implement this powerful tool to boost your charity’s digital strategy. Remember to follow MCM Net on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for the latest charity news, tips, and resources. For more information about our services for charities, visit our website: [MCM Net](

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Charity Liasion Officer, Paige, explains what employee advocacy on Twitter is, why it works, and how to implement it within your charity’s digital strategy.

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