Logan Paul’s Energy Drink Sparks Demand for FDA Investigation into Caffeine Content

**Title: PRIME Energy Drink Faces Scrutiny Over Caffeine Levels: Influencer-Backed Beverage Targeting Children Raises Concerns**

An influencer-backed energy drink that has gained viral popularity among children is now under the spotlight due to its potentially dangerous levels of caffeine. Lawmakers and health experts are calling for an investigation into PRIME, a brand founded by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, which has become an obsession among their young followers.

**Viral Sensation Backed by YouTube Stars**

PRIME, a beverage brand, experienced immediate success when it was launched last year, with long queues in grocery stores and reports of the product being resold in school yards. Founded by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, the brand has gained a massive following among children who admire and follow their favorite influencers.

**Concerns over High Caffeine Levels**

PRIME advertises itself as a zero-sugar and vegan energy drink. However, health experts have raised concerns over the excessively high levels of caffeine in the product – 200 milligrams per 12 ounces, which is equivalent to about half a dozen cans of Coke or nearly two Red Bulls. This elevated caffeine content has led to bans in some schools in the United Kingdom and Australia, where pediatricians have warned about potential health impacts such as heart problems, anxiety, and digestive issues in young children.

**Conflicting Claims and Controversial Marketing**

Company representatives have defended PRIME by stating that the product is clearly labeled “not recommended for children under 18.” They also sell a caffeine-free sports drink called PRIME Hydration. However, Senator Charles Schumer, in a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), argued that there is little noticeable difference in the online marketing of both drinks. This has led many parents to believe they were purchasing a juice for their children, only to discover they had bought a drink with high caffeine content. Schumer called for an investigation into the marketing claims, ingredients, and caffeine content of PRIME.

**Implications and Call for FDA Investigation**

Senator Schumer expressed concern about the health consequences of PRIME’s high caffeine levels, especially when consumed by children who may be attracted to the drink due to its association with popular influencers. In his letter to the FDA, Schumer highlighted the abundance of sponsored content and advertising related to PRIME on social media. He called for a thorough investigation into the claims made, as well as an examination of the ingredients and caffeine content in the energy drink.


The viral success of PRIME, an energy drink backed by YouTube stars, Logan Paul and KSI, has raised concerns over its potentially dangerous levels of caffeine. With elevated caffeine content and controversial marketing practices, lawmakers and health experts are urging the FDA to investigate PRIME to ensure the protection and well-being of children who are the target consumers of this influencer-driven beverage.

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