Sam Ahmed: An Introduction to Nauta Capital and its Founder

**Title: Breaking Through International Markets: PR Strategies with Sam Ahmed | Dear BAMf Podcast**


Welcome to this week’s episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, where we dive into a discussion with Sam Ahmed, the Head of Marketing & Communications at Nautica. In this episode, Sam shares valuable insights on setting effective PR strategies and breaking through international markets.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or marketer, this podcast provides expert advice on branding, digital marketing, media relations, press strategies, and more. Sam’s experience in the industry and expertise in marketing and communications make this conversation a must-listen for anyone looking to grow their brand and reach a global audience.

Be sure to tune in to gain actionable tips and strategies that can help guide your PR efforts and propel your business forward. To stay updated on new episodes and gain access to valuable resources, subscribe to our channel and hit the like button!

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In this week’s episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, we speak with Sam Ahmed, Head of Marketing & Communications at Nautica. Sam talks about setting PR strategies, including how to break through international markets.

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