Success Case of iFeel & Nauta Capital in GRECA

# iFeel: Revolutionizing Emotional Well-being through Digital Psychotherapy Services

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Welcome to iFeel, the leading company in emotional well-being for individuals and organizations. Founded in 2016, our online platform provides a contactless solution for patients seeking support. Through iFeel, patients can easily communicate with experienced psychologists, ensuring that each case receives the personalized attention it deserves.

At iFeel, we understand that every patient is unique. That’s why we carefully match each patient with a professional who best suits their needs. With a proven track record, our services have reached patients in more than 30 countries worldwide, all with different languages and cultural backgrounds.

But it doesn’t stop there. Large companies like Gym Pass, Lovo, and IE University already rely on our all-in-one solution to foster the mental well-being of their employees. Our commitment to expanding our operations led us to seek support, and in 2020, we partnered with GRECA Finance GmbH.

[GRECA Finance GmbH]( specializes in digital evaluation and matchmaking for investors and start-ups/SMEs. Their expertise empowers growth, alliances, and innovation. Through their matchmaking services, we were able to secure a 5.5 million euro equity investment from Nauta Capital to fuel our expansion.

We are incredibly grateful to have chosen GRECA as our preferred marketplace for M&A transactions. Manuel Ferreira, the Investor Relations Manager at GRECA, shares his insights on overcoming challenges during the M&A process. His key takeaways emphasize the importance of maintaining close relationships, good communication, and flexibility in providing efficient solutions and surpassing goals.

We couldn’t be happier to have GRECA’s support in our journey to further iFeel’s growth. Join us in witnessing how far we can go in revolutionizing emotional well-being and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

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## Sources:
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Digital psychotherapy service company iFeel was matched with the investor Nauta Capital. This matchmaking transaction took place via GRECA Finance GmbH.

GRECA provides digital evaluation and matchmaking for Investors and Start-ups/SMEs: empowering growth, alliances, and innovation 🌟

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