CMO Pitch: Tech-Enabled Strategies for Enhancing Customer Experience

**Title: Unraveling the Secrets of Exceptional Customer Experiences in a Tech-Enabled World | Marketing Summit Discussion**

**Description:** In this engaging and entertaining panel discussion, our esteemed panelists, including Vani Gupta Dandia, Eiti Singhal, Neelima Burra, Priyanka Sethi, Rishabh Jindal, and Shamik Banerjee, explore the secrets to delivering exceptional customer experiences that will leave your audience craving more. They discuss the challenges of technology-driven interactions, the importance of human touch, and how brands like Jockey are utilizing technology to enhance customer experiences.

Throughout the discussion, the panelists touch on various topics, such as the relevance of customer experience in a tech-enabled world, the role of technology in the customer journey, and the impact of AI tools on the customer experience. They also delve into specific examples from Jockey, highlighting how the brand uses technology to optimize website interactions and provide personalized recommendations based on customer preferences.

With valuable insights shared by industry experts, this discussion offers valuable takeaways for marketers, branding professionals, and anyone interested in delivering exceptional customer experiences in the digital age. Join the conversation and discover how to leverage technology to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

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– [Apollo 24×7](

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Our esteemed panelists unravel the secrets of delivering exceptional experiences that will leave your customers craving more.

● Session chair – VANI GUPTA DANDIA, Founder, CherryPeachPlum Growth Partners
● EITI SINGHAL, Chief Marketing Officer, Vega
● NEELIMA BURRA, Chief Strategy, Transformation and Marketing Officer, Luminous ● PRIYANKA SETHI, Director & Head of Marketing, Haier India
● RISHABH JINDAL, Business & Growth Head – D2C Segment, Page Industries (Jockey)
● SHAMIK BANERJEE, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo 24×7

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