Understanding Employee Advocacy on Twitter

**Charity Employee Advocacy Explained: Unlock the Power of Social Media**

In this video, Paige, our Charity Liaison Officer, dives deep into the world of employee advocacy. If you’ve ever wondered what it is and how it can boost your charity’s online presence, look no further!

Employee advocacy refers to the promotion of your organization by your own staff members. From CEOs to marketing managers and fundraising heroes, anyone within your organization who shares a genuine passion for your cause can become an advocate.

But wait, there’s more to it than just liking and sharing posts! In fact, employee advocacy is a strategic and sustainable marketing tactic aimed at encouraging employees to share your brand values and message in organic ways.

**What Makes Employee Advocacy Effective?**

To make the most of employee advocacy, it’s crucial to approach it strategically. Simply diving in without a plan won’t yield the desired results. You need specific goals and metrics in place to measure progress and ensure success.

Sustainability is key too. Your employee advocacy program should be designed to last, with continuous support from management and a plan to keep the enthusiasm high. We’re here to help you create a well-oiled advocacy machine that keeps on running for your charity.

**Unlocking the Power of Voluntary Participation**

For employee advocacy to truly flourish, participation must be voluntary and motivated by genuine interest. Inspiring advocacy among your team members is paramount. You can’t force it upon them; it has to be something they are excited and passionate about.

Are you ready to harness the power of employee advocacy for your charity’s social media presence? Join us in this informative video and start unlocking the potential of your workforce in boosting your online visibility.

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Charity Liaison Officer, Paige, explains what employee advocacy is, using key definitions.

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