GOOGLE’s Recent Update Enhances 15 Days of Valuable Content: A Boost for SEO, CMS, and Google News

**Title: Google’s Helpful Content Update Completes Fortnight: Impact on SEO**


The recent Google update focused on improving the quality and relevance of online content has completed its fortnight-long rollout. Beginning on August 25th and concluding on September 9th, this update specifically targets websites that have unhelpful and unsatisfying content, aiming to enhance the user experience for online information seekers.

According to Google, websites with content primarily written to drive traffic, also known as “Search Engine First Content,” will face significant repercussions. While these sites may experience a decline in rankings and may require several months to recover, if rectified appropriately, they have the potential to regain their previous standings.

As part of their ongoing effort to lower the presence of irrelevant and low-quality content, Google’s motive behind this update is to assist users in finding high-quality content more easily. By refining search results to prioritize useful information, Google aims to enhance the overall user experience.


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Helpful Content completes Fortnight. To reduce Search Engine First Content

Google helpful content update completes a fortnight

Started on August 25th and completes 15 on September 9th.

The new update does it work targetting websites having unhelpful and unsatisfying content uploaded for achieving audience.

The websites with search engine promotive content will be hit and take several months to recover, but if rectified the right way, will retrack.
Google reasoned that the update aims at helping online information seekers to find “high-quality content.”

Google denotes content written for traffic as “Search Engine First Content.”
Google stated the new roll out as an “ongoing effort to lower irrelevant & low-quality content and makes it easy for the users to get the right information.

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