What Lessons Can Corporations Gain from Venture Capital? | SVIC Interview

## Venture Capital: Empowering Corporate Innovation | SVIC Interview

Welcome to the Silicon Valley Innovation Center interview! In this interview, we have the pleasure of hosting Pavel Cherkashin, the managing partner at Mindrock Capital, who will provide valuable insights into the world of corporate innovation and venture capital.

Corporations often struggle with innovation due to low risk tolerance, inflexible organizational structures, and lengthy decision-making processes. While building innovation capabilities in-house is one solution, many companies are now looking outward to venture capital for tools, techniques, and partnerships to address these challenges more effectively.

In this interview, Pavel Cherkashin explores the question of whether big companies can learn from venture capital and how they can emulate the success of startups in driving innovation. Venture capital firms specialize in investing in startups, helping them grow, and bringing their innovative products to market. By understanding the different approaches to risk and return of startups and corporations, venture capital firms act as a bridge between these two islands and facilitate successful collaborations.

Corporations can learn from venture capitalists by leveraging their expertise in dealing with startups and navigating the uncertainties of the innovation process. Rather than trying to think like a startup, corporations can tap into the immense talent and creativity of startup founders to solve their real-life challenges. By partnering with venture capital firms, corporations can present their problems and requirements to thousands of startup founders, who compete to provide the best solutions. The winning startup then receives the necessary support, funding, and partnership to implement their innovative solution.

Engaging directly with startups can be challenging for corporations, as they may struggle to build rapport and may be perceived as stifling the entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, the slow decision-making process of corporations may hinder timely collaborations. Venture capital firms offer a solution by providing a structure that reduces risks for corporations during the initial phases while keeping potential investment or acquisition opportunities open. This approach allows corporations to access innovative solutions without impeding the entrepreneurial energy of startups.

To summarize, venture capital can empower corporate innovation by facilitating collaborations between startups and corporations. By tapping into the expertise and networks of venture capital firms, corporations can find solutions to their challenges in the startup ecosystem. This dynamic process allows for efficient and effective innovation, enabling corporations to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

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Low tolerance for risk, inflexible organizational structures and lengthy chains of command all contribute to difficulties corporations face when it comes to successful innovation.

Building up innovation capabilities in-house is one solution but to address these shortcomings more efficiently, can big companies look outward to venture capital for tools, techniques and partnerships?

In this SVIC interview Pavel Cherkashin, managing partner at Mindrock Capital, answers that question and much more.

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