Amazon’s Cloud Computing and HR Departments Bear Brunt of Major Layoffs, Reveals Announcement

**Amazon Layoffs: Latest Updates and Impact on the Company’s Future**


In a shocking turn of events, tech giant Amazon has initiated its third round of layoffs, affecting employees in its cloud computing and human resources departments[^1^]. This comes just a month after CEO Andy Jassy’s announcement that the company would be letting go of 9,000 workers[^1^].

The announcement of these layoffs has sent shockwaves through the business world, raising concerns about the future of Amazon and its workforce[^1^]. With the additional 18,000 layoffs in November last year, the total number of employees affected has reached a staggering figure[^1^].

In another significant development, Amazon has made the decision to shut down its Halo division, which specializes in selling health and sleep trackers[^1^]. The company has stated that it will cease support for Halo services starting July 31st and will provide full refunds for recent device purchases[^1^]. However, the exact number of employees impacted by the closure of the Halo division is still unknown[^1^].

These recent events raise questions about the stability of one of the world’s largest digital companies and its future plans[^1^]. Stay tuned for more updates on this rapidly developing story.

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Amazon, a major digital company, has started its third wave of layoffs. The most recent round of layoffs, which affected personnel in its cloud computing and human resources departments, came a month after Amazon CEO Andy Jassy revealed the business would fire 9,000 workers.

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  1. If there is to be so much layoffs why the company stopped work from homes and resumed joining office for which employees are forced to face further hardship of security deposit advsnce to book a house including rent where redpective amazon office is locatef
    Phydical economical and above all mental harassmrnt are imposed by amazon for no fault of employees

    Disarray management

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  3. Of course this would happen. Guyladriel's Ring of Power caused Amazon's Bottom line to crash like Bud Light. Couldn't have happened to a better company. Crash and Feel the Burn. So India. No Go Woke and You Won't Go Broke. But if India wants their economy to burn down like the Pedophile United States Government who is crashing Central Banks to have a Dictatorial Digital Currency like China, Be My Guess India. India is the Last Superpower as I said yet to Fall. Join the Rest and your government will become like the Chinese Communist Party Biden in the United States.

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