Radboud Vlaar of Finch Capital: Pioneering Venture Capital Investments in European Fintech Start-ups

**Title: Investing in Fintech Startups with Radboud Vlaar | Wall Street Lab Podcast**

Welcome to the Wall Street Lab Podcast, where we interview top financial professionals and deconstruct their practices to give you an insider look into the world of finance.

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In this episode, we are joined by Radboud Vlaar, Managing Partner at Finch Capital, a leading VC investor based in Amsterdam. With a background in top-tier consulting and multiple successful ventures, Radboud is an expert in financial services, private equity, and M&A.

Through this conversation, Radboud shares insights on how Finch Capital utilizes machine learning algorithms for deal sourcing and explores the value-add that VC investors bring to startups beyond financial support. We dive into the world of fintech investments, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) companies within the financial sector.

Additionally, we delve into the journey of a VC investor, from raising funds to navigating multiple investment rounds. Radboud imparts valuable lessons learned during his nearly 10 years of experience in investing in startups.

Join us as we uncover the exciting landscape of fintech investments and gain valuable knowledge for your financial journey.

**Key Topics Discussed:**
– Investing in AI companies within the financial sector
– The role of machine learning in deal sourcing at Finch Capital
– The value-added by VC investors beyond financial support
– The journey of a VC investor and the evolution of investment strategies over fund cycles
– Lessons learned from years of investing in startups

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Radboud Vlaar is a Managing Partner at Finch Capital, a VC investor based out of Amsterdam.  Prior to launching Finch Capital and its first fund in 2013, Radboud was a Partner at McKinsey & Company, focused on Financial Services, PE, and M&A. Prior to McKinsey, Radboud worked at TPG, co-founded 3 companies. Radboud holds four Master’s Degrees from the University in Groningen.
Radboud leads the firms’ investments in ZOPA, Fixico, BUX, Safened, Salviol, DIG (incl. KNIP and Komparu), Trussle, Supply Finance among others.

This episode is dedicated to VC investments into Fintech startups. We have a look into investing in AI companies with a focus on the financial sector. Radboud speaks about how Finch Capital uses Machine Learning for their own deal sourcing and how a VC investor adds value to startups beyond the money when competing for the best investments. We have a section on raising and investing money over the lifetime of a VC investor. We get into how things change from a first fund to a third fund and get some great lessons learned when it comes to VC investing.

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