in Surprising Stat Reveals 50% of Tourists Opting for Sustainable Holidays Despite Higher Costs

**Title**: Sustainable Tourism: Why Travelers Are Willing to Pay More | Euronews

Welcome to Euronews! In this video, we explore the increasing demand for sustainable tourism and why travelers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly experiences. Join us as we discuss the challenges and opportunities for the tourism industry as it recovers from the pandemic and addresses climate protection.

According to a recent survey by, three-quarters of respondents expressed a desire to go on holiday with a lower carbon footprint[^1^]. However, many travelers face obstacles in finding sustainable options that meet their needs. The perception of cost and limited availability are the primary concerns voiced by respondents.

Interestingly, though, the survey also revealed that 50% of travelers are willing to pay more for a sustainably certified experience or accommodation[^1^]. This growing interest in sustainability reflects a broader shift in the tourism industry, where travelers see their vacations as an opportunity to contribute positively to local communities and the environment[^1^].

For the European Union, the stakes are high. Europe remains the top travel destination globally, accounting for 10% of the continent’s GDP and 25-30 million direct tourism-related jobs[^1^]. As travelers become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, it is crucial for the industry to offer more accessible and affordable sustainable options.

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