Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility Programs with Close the Loop

[![Close the Loop CEO Joe Foster introduces the company’s safe and innovative battery collection and recycling solution in Australia](](

## Close the Loop CEO Introduces Safe and Innovative Battery Collection and Recycling Solution in Australia

In this **engaging** and **informative** video, Close the Loop CEO Joe Foster discusses the company’s **groundbreaking** battery collection and recycling solution in Australia. Join **Proactive’s Elisha Newell** as she delves into the details of this **environmentally-conscious** initiative.

**Close the Loop** takes great pride in partnering with **Envirostream Australia** for an effective battery recycling program. Foster shares insights into this collaboration and reveals the positive impact it has on **corporate social responsibility** programs. By collaborating with other companies, Close the Loop aims to enhance their **sustainable practices** and contribute to a greener future for all.

This video touches upon various **essential topics** for investors, including **stocks**, **stock markets**, **economy**, and **wealth management**. Through the conversation, Foster provides valuable insights into key sectors like **mining**, **oil and gas**, **energy**, and **biotech**, shedding light on potential investment opportunities.

Moreover, Foster also addresses the rising importance of **cryptocurrencies** such as **Bitcoin** and **blockchain technology**, as well as the booming market of **cannabis stocks** and **CBD**, catering to audiences interested in these rapidly growing sectors.

* Invest in your knowledge and join us as we explore the dynamic world of **investing** and **wealth creation**.
* Stay updated with the latest trends in the **economy**, **finance**, and **banking** sectors.
* Gain insights from industry experts on **asset management** and **wealth management** strategies.
* Discover potential investment opportunities in sectors like **mining**, **energy**, **biotech**, and **pharmaceuticals**.
* Stay ahead of the curve with discussions on the impact of **Brexit** on the **European Union** and the **US economy**.
* Explore the world of **cryptocurrencies** and the technology behind it all – **blockchain**.

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Close the Loop CEO Joe Foster provides Proactive’s Elisha Newell with an introduction to the company including its safe and innovative battery collection and recycling solution in Australia. Foster discusses the battery recycling program Close the Loop is in involved in with Envirostream Australia, as well as the work its doing with other companies to enhance their corporate social responsibility programs.

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