FY22 Results: Close the Loop Exceeds Prospectus Guidance and PCP Metrics

## Close the Loop CEO Joe Foster discusses FY22 financials

In this informative video, Close the Loop CEO Joe Foster takes us through the company’s impressive financial performance for the FY22. With revenue reaching $89.2 million, net earnings of $14.3 million, and a net profit before tax of $7 million, Close the Loop has exceeded its own prospectus guidance and outperformed the previous corresponding period (PCP).

As a leading end-to-end solutions provider focused on creating sustainable solutions from recyclable and made-from-recycled content, Close the Loop remains ambitious and committed to its goals for the future. Join Foster as he shares insights on the company’s financial achievements and their dedication to making a positive impact.

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Close the Loop CEO Joe Foster is back in the studio to discuss the company’s FY22 financials. In the last financial year, the end-to-end solutions provider made $89.2 million in revenue, netted $14.3 million in earnings and recorded a $7 million net profit before tax. Notably, all three metrics surpassed Close the Loop’s prospectus guidance and its performance in the previous corresponding period (PCP). Looking ahead, Foster says the company will stay ambitious and committed to its goals as it creates solutions from recyclable and made-from-recycled content.

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