Barry Diller Dismisses Hollywood Strike’s Emphasis on A.I. Threat

**Barry Diller Warns of Industry Collapse Amid Hollywood Strike**

Barry Diller, media mogul and former Paramount Pictures CEO, has expressed concerns over the ongoing strike by Hollywood writers and actors. He warns of the potential collapse of an entire industry if the strike is not resolved soon. However, Diller dismisses the threat of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and believes it is being overly hyped, stating that it will not replace human talent in the movies business.

**Unprecedented Hollywood Unions Strike Over A.I. and Reduced Pay**

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), representing about 65,000 actors, joined the Writers Guild of America (WGA), representing over 11,000 TV and script writers, in their strike. This marks the first time in more than six decades that these two major Hollywood unions have simultaneously gone on strike. Performers and writers fear that A.I. poses a danger to their livelihoods, viewing it as an existential threat. Additionally, reduced pay in the streaming era has been a cause for concern.

**Fran Drescher Voices Alarm for Hollywood’s Changing Landscape**

Fran Drescher, president of SAG-AFTRA and former star of The Nanny, joins the chorus of voices calling attention to the changing landscape of the entertainment industry. She emphasizes that the entire business model has been disrupted by streaming, digital platforms, and A.I. Drescher warns that failure to address these challenges now will have dire consequences for everyone involved.

**Diller Counters A.I. Concerns**

Barry Diller offers a different perspective, countering the concerns about A.I. He believes that A.I. is being overhyped and asserts that writers will not be replaced by it, but rather assisted. He also suggests that most performing crafts are not under threat from artificial intelligence.

**Contentious Negotiations Over A.I. Proposal**

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) claims to have put forth a groundbreaking A.I. proposal that supposedly protects actors’ digital likenesses. However, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, the national executive director of SAG-AFTRA, dismisses this proposal as not meeting the necessary standards. Crabtree-Ireland highlights how the proposal allows background performers to be scanned and owned by companies without consent or compensation.

**Settlement Deadline and Potential Industry Collapse**

Barry Diller calls for a settlement deadline of September 1st and warns of the potentially catastrophic consequences if the strike drags on. He predicts an absolute collapse of the industry if the strike is not resolved by Christmas. Diller fears a decrease in revenue and a reduction in programs due to canceled subscriptions, which would have devastating effects on the industry’s recovery once the strike is settled.

**Diller’s Concerns Extend to the Publishing Industry**

Barry Diller, who chairs the media holding company IAC, expresses greater concern over the impact of generative A.I. on the publishing industry. He stresses the importance of protecting copyright, as he believes that failure to do so would result in significant losses.

In conclusion, the ongoing strike by Hollywood writers and actors has raised concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence and reduced pay in the industry. While some fear the loss of jobs and the role A.I. may play, others, like Barry Diller, believe that these concerns are exaggerated. Nonetheless, the negotiations over A.I. proposals remain contentious, and the industry faces a potential collapse if the strike is not resolved soon.

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