Ajith Kumar at Aji Creative Media Reaches New Heights in e-Vehicle Sales Worldwide

**[High Sales Electric Vehicle in the World | Ajith Kumar P | Ajicreativemedia](**

Welcome to Ajicreativemedia! In this video, we showcase the high sales electric vehicle in the world. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of electric vehicles and discover the latest advancements in this growing industry.

Editor: Ajithkumar.P
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high #sales #evehicle in #world | Ajith Kumar P | Ajicreativemedia

Editor: Ajithkumar.P
DOP: Paramesh D
MD: Gowtheesh S
Content: Ajithkumar P
Make up : John
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Photography, videographer, vfx , Album design, poster design,
graphic designer, editing, video editing, Roto

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