Analyst: Google Maintains AI Leadership Despite Absence of Direct-to-Consumer Offerings

## Samsung Considers AI-powered Bing to Replace Google Search: Impact on Google and the Tech Industry

In this Yahoo Finance Live interview, Rohit Kulkarni, Managing Director of Roth MKM, discusses Samsung’s potential decision to replace Google Search with Microsoft’s Bing, powered by AI, across all devices. Kulkarni delves into the potential impact this move might have on Google and the broader tech industry.

According to Kulkarni, while the financial impact of Samsung’s decision on Google may be relatively insignificant, the perception and sentiment surrounding the move could have a more significant impact. He also highlights the potential consequences if other companies, such as Apple, renegotiate their contracts with Google, potentially diminishing Google’s position as the primary gateway to browsers across mobile and desktop.

Kulkarni also addresses the perception that Google is lagging behind Microsoft in the AI sector, particularly regarding the popularity of Microsoft’s chat GPTs. However, he asserts that Google has long been regarded as a leader in AI research and technology, and the shift in perception is mainly due to Google’s need to bring AI applications directly to consumers.

Regarding Samsung’s possible move to Bing, Kulkarni suggests that their motivation is likely to improve their relationship and economics with Google and capitalize on new AI innovations. He also encourages Google to showcase their AI leadership by introducing exclusive AI applications that allow consumers to interact with AI technology directly.

In terms of overall market preferences, Kulkarni mentions that companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook stand out due to their strong AI research, data capabilities, and ability to shape consumer behavior. While each of these companies has specific challenges, Kulkarni reveals that his current preference order is Amazon, Google, and then Facebook.

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Roth MKM Managing Director Rohit Kulkarni joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss Samsung’s decision to consider AI-powered Bing to replace Google Search for all devices, and what impact that would have on Google and the tech industry.

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