Alven’s Advice and Recommendations During the Crisis Period

**Title: [Expert Advice] Navigating the Crises: Insights from Alven Principal on Investment and Startups**

In this informative video, Adrien Chaltiel, Founder at Alven, chats with Bartosz Jakubowski, Principal at Alven, discussing the challenges and recommendations for startups during times of crisis. As an experienced investor, Bartosz shares his insights on financing, investments, and innovation for entrepreneurs looking for guidance. Learn from the expert and gain valuable knowledge to navigate the current volatile market.

Key topics covered:
– Eldorado for startups: explore potential funding opportunities
– Investment strategies: advice for optimizing investments
– Startups and innovation: tips to foster growth and success
– Alven’s expertise: learn from the experience of leading VC fund
– Industry insights: trends and recommendations for entrepreneurs

*Timestamps are available in the video description.*

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Video transcript provided by [Alven](

Vendredi 24 avril 11h, Adrien Chaltiel & Bartosz Jakubowski, Principal chez Alven, “Les conseils et recommandations d’Alven pendant la période de crise”

Bartosz est Principal au sein du fonds d’investissement Alven. Ce passionné de sujets consumer et software a rejoint Alven en 2019 après plusieurs expériences en VC chez XAnge et EQT en Suède. Il nous partagera ses conseils et recommandations durant cette période de crise.

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