Speaker Series #1 at Zeens Lab featuring Rodrigo Sepulveda from Expon Capital

**Title: Rodrigo Sepulveda – Investment and Innovation in Startups | ZEENS Lab Podcast #1**


Welcome to the ZEENS Lab Podcast, where we invite top industry experts to share their insights and experiences. In our very first episode, we are thrilled to have Rodrigo Sepulveda, the founding partner of the renowned investment fund, Expon Capital.

In this engaging discussion, Rodrigo dives deep into the world of innovation financing and specifically focuses on the remarkable opportunities that lie within investing in startups. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an investor, or simply intrigued by the transformative power of innovation, this interview is a must-watch!

[![ZEENS Lab Podcast](link_to_thumbnail)](link_to_video)

– 00:00 Introduction
– 00:32 Overview of Rodrigo Sepulveda’s background
– 01:12 Importance of financing innovation
– 03:23 Key insights into investing in startups
– 05:45 The role of Expon Capital in supporting entrepreneurs
– 08:21 Rodrigo’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors
– 10:09 Closing thoughts

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*Source: [ZEENS Lab]( – Empowering Startups through Innovation.*

Rodrigo Sepulveda, invité de notre épisode #1, est founding partner du fonds d’investissement Expon Capital.

Son intervention sur le financement de l’innovation en général et l’investissement dans les startups en particulier vaut le détour !

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