CapHorn Invest: Empowering Tomorrow’s Startups with François Santi as Principal

Are you interested in learning how venture capitalists work and what criteria they look for in startups? In this video, François Santi, Principal at Cap Horn Invest, lifts the veil on the sometimes mysterious world of the startup ecosystem. Cap Horn is a specialized B2B startup investment firm, and Santi shares insights on what it takes for startups to raise money, hire and manage talents, define a market fit, and develop a go-to-market strategy before scaling up.

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François Santi, Principal chez Cap Horn Invest, explique le fonctionnement des VC, il lève le voile sur ce monde qui parfois, paraît mystérieux dans l’ecosystème startup.
Quels sont les critères recherchés par les fonds d’investissement, comment les aborder, conseils et philosophie du fonds. Cap Horn est spécialisé dans les Startups B to B.

Learn what it takes for startups to Raise money, hire and manage talents, define a market fit, a Go to market strategy and then scale up! Subscribe to Startup Vision TV:

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