Cap Horn Invest: Focusing on Founders! | François Santi | Principal at Cap Horn Invest

François Santi, Principal at Cap Horn Invest, provides an analysis of Cap Horn’s investment strategy to prepare for the post-pandemic world. Cap Horn focuses on startups with solid foundations, founders/skippers who can weather the storm, and prioritizes flexibility and resilience in their future investments. In this video, you’ll learn about the essential elements for startups to raise funds, hire and manage talent, define market fit, develop a go-to-market strategy, and scale up. Subscribe to Startup Vision TV: [YouTube Channel](

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This video transcript features François Santi, an experienced investor at Cap Horn Invest. He shares insights into Cap Horn’s investment approach during the current complex period of confinement and COVID-19. François emphasizes that Cap Horn’s investment policy remains unchanged, with continued investment activities. However, they are cautious about new investments in unfamiliar companies due to the uncertain environment. Their focus is on supporting existing entrepreneurs and helping them navigate through these challenging times.

François also highlights the importance of effective support and guidance for startups during this period. Rather than cutting cash burn immediately, Cap Horn advises entrepreneurs to use this opportunity to reevaluate their strategies, refine marketing messages, and prepare for the future. They provide both internal and external financing options, along with guidance on structuring assets and managing businesses during turbulent times.

Regarding future investments, François explains that Cap Horn will maintain their investment thesis with a focus on industries that promote digitalization. While no specific sectors are being exclusively targeted, Cap Horn seeks resilient entrepreneurs who can effectively manage their companies, handle cash flow, and adapt to changing market dynamics. They remain open to opportunistic investments in B2B digital sectors that have a lasting impact and solid fundamentals.

François also discusses Cap Horn’s role in assisting with business development within their portfolio. As their network consists primarily of major corporations, they have helped startups redefine their messaging and marketing strategies. Additionally, they have conducted audits to identify companies ready to accelerate their digital transformation after the crisis passes. Cap Horn recognizes that the pandemic will lead to a clear before and after for many industries, and they aim to support startups in seizing new opportunities in this evolving landscape.

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François Santi, Principal chez Cap Horn Invest fait une analyse de la politique d’investissement de Cap Horn pour préparer le monde d’après. Fondements solides, des founders/skippers dans la tempête et bien sûr la flexibilité et la résilience, tels sont les critères de Cap Horn pour leurs futurs investissements.

Learn what it takes for startups to Raise money, hire and manage talents, define a market fit, a Go to market strategy and then scale up! Subscribe to Startup Vision TV:

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