Alternatiba and Attac denounce BNP’s tax evasion practices

📺 **Grenoble Activists Confront BNP Paribas for Tax Evasion and Fossil Fuel Investments | Gre’net Reportage**

In the aftermath of the retirement reform protest on June 6, 2023, activists from Alternatiba – ANV Cop21 and Attac boldly took over the BNP Paribas agency at Place Victor-Hugo. Their mission? To raise ironic awareness about the bank’s tax evasion practices and investments in fossil fuels. These passionate advocates believe that the real money lies in the pockets of the wealthiest and in tax havens, rather than in retirement reforms.

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The opening country we have the chance to welcome among us and the mistake [Applause] everywhere in the world, tax evasion results in a crucial shortage for social cohesion in France, estimated at 80 to 100 billion euros, which is approximately 10% of the State budget. For instance, it corresponds to the budget allocated to the National Education.

It is crystal clear that we are made to believe that we can combat tax evasion, that it’s normal, so even President Macron justifies it in terms of competition with other countries. To what extent does this competition chip away at our society? [Applause]

Today, we have about thirty activists who have come to party inside the BNP agency, symbolizing the wealthy clients and shareholders who indulge themselves with the money hidden in tax havens. This money should have rightfully gone back to the state, to invest in public services, to finance our retirements and much more. But unfortunately, it’s not possible because it allows the rich individuals to party, accumulate billions without knowing what to do with it. And that’s exactly what we are denouncing today.

BNP Paribas is a bank that champions fiscal values and has more than 195 subsidiaries in tax havens. It has been involved in countless scandals in recent years. It enables shareholders and wealthy individuals to escape taxes and party comfortably in tax havens.

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Dans le prolongement de la manifestation contre la réforme des retraites du 6 juin 2023, des activistes d’Alternatiba -ANV Cop21 et d’Attac ont investi le hall de l’agence BNP Paribas de la place Victor-Hugo. Leur objectif ? Dénoncer ironiquement l’évasion fiscale pratiquée par la banque, ainsi que ses investissements dans les énergies fossiles. Les militants estiment en effet que c’est dans la poche des plus riches et dans les paradis fiscaux qu’il faut chercher l’argent plutôt que réformer les retraites.
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  1. Bravo il n'y a pas de super profis il n'y a que du foutage de gueule , Gabriel Anal va vous expliqué que c'est la faute des gens qui profitent du RSA et de l'assurance chômage qui se gavent. Le pauvres riche se serrent la ceintures et ont du mal a s'acheter des pâtes!

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