Yahoo! Research: Assessing the Effectiveness of Behavioral Targeting

**[Video Title]:** When is Behavioral Targeting Most Effective? Yahoo Research Reveals Insight

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In this enlightening video, Tony Marlow, Yahoo’s Director of Corporate Insights, shares valuable insights on the effectiveness of behavioral targeting in advertising and marketing strategies. Discover when and how to harness the power of personal relevancy to maximize your campaign’s success.

Behavioral targeting is most effective in situations where personal relevancy plays a critical role. If you are a mortgage provider, imagine being able to target individuals who have been actively searching for homes or seeking home loans. By utilizing behavioral targeting, you can precisely reach your target audience and create a higher level of cognitions, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Yahoo’s extensive research in this field suggests that using behavioral targeting in scenarios like the one mentioned above can lead to outstanding outcomes. By aligning your marketing efforts with your audience’s specific interests and preferences, you can provide them with the most personalized and relevant content possible.

To stay ahead of the competition and make the most of your marketing budget, understanding when behavioral targeting is most effective is crucial. With insights from Tony Marlow, you will gain an in-depth understanding of behavioral targeting’s potential, helping you optimize your advertising strategies and achieve your marketing goals.

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*Learn more about behavioral targeting and its effectiveness by watching the [original video](link to the original video). For additional information on Yahoo’s research insights and strategies, visit [Yahoo’s official website](link to Yahoo’s official website).*

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Tony Marlow, Yahoo!’s Director of Corporate Insights, reveals when behavioral targeting is most effective.

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