Zahra Rasool of Contrast VR: Embracing Diversity in Media with Immersive Storytelling

In our latest episode of The Rough Cut with Alex Ragir, we sit down with Zahra Rasool, Editorial Lead at Contrast VR, Al Jazeera’s global 360°/VR production operation. Join us as we discuss the future of 360 VR, the diverse team Zahra has built, and the importance of advocating for diversity in media through immersive storytelling.

Contrast VR is Al Jazeera’s immersive media studio, producing a wide range of 360 videos and VR content. Over the past year, they have created over 55 short 360 documentaries and longer VR pieces. However, they are not limited to 360 and VR, as they are also exploring augmented reality (AR), volumetric video, and interactive VR experiences.

This interview explores Zahra’s journey to building Contrast VR and her previous experience with riot, which was later acquired by The Huffington Post. We delve into the challenges and opportunities of merging technology and storytelling in the immersive media industry.

One of the key takeaways from this conversation is the importance of collaboration between technologists and storytellers. Zahra emphasizes that both need to work together to create impactful immersive storytelling experiences. Contrast VR actively collaborates with freelancers from around the world to ensure diverse perspectives are represented in their content. They use Storyhunter, a platform for finding local talent, to connect with journalists and storytellers in different locations.

Contrast VR is dedicated to enabling local journalists and storytellers to share their own narratives. They provide training and equipment to empower them to tell their stories firsthand. The goal is to move away from the traditional model of solely relying on foreign journalists and create a more inclusive and immersive form of storytelling.

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In our fourth edition of The Rough Cut with Alex Ragir, where we meet with the leading innovators in digital video, Co-Founder Alex Ragir sits down with Zahra Rasool, Editorial Lead at Contrast VR - Al Jazeera’s global 360°/VR production operation. Since joining the team at it’s beginning stage, she’s built an entirely women-led team, from an array of backgrounds, who are pioneering 360° news and journalism.

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