Angus Hervey: Unraveling the Puzzle of Our Difficulty in Reporting Positive News | TED

**Title: The Power of Good News: Uncovering the Hidden Progress of Humanity**

Welcome to this special TED Talk broadcast, where journalist Angus Hervey reveals the remarkable advancements humanity has achieved in areas such as environmental protection and public health over the past year. In a world filled with doom and gloom stories, Hervey calls for a change in the narratives we tell ourselves, emphasizing the importance of sharing stories of possibility and hope.

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Why is good news so rare? In a special broadcast from the TED stage, journalist Angus Hervey sheds light on some of the incredible progress humanity has made across environmental protection, public health and more in the last year, making the case that if we want to change the story of humanity this century, we have to start changing the stories we tell ourselves. “When we only tell the stories of doom, we fail to see the stories of possibility,” says Hervey.

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  1. So true!
    Much of the media has become political-economic gossip columns and guessing games (he said, he said, we predict), with some sport and violence thrown in.
    Almost nothing of fundamental importance to our lives and our planet is discussed, and well researched fact based reporting is rare.

  2. Brilliant, well done Angus Hervey. A fascinatingly hopeful insight to all that is wrong with the current news channels. I have subscribed to Future Crunch and look forward to hearing so much more positivity. Delivered in an excellent style keeping me enthralled. Thank you Angus and hoping to meet you again soon; what a refreshing change.

  3. Maybe part of the reason for bad news is Angus headlines with Chinese Communist propaganda.

    China burns more coal a year than the rest of the world… combined, is committing genocide, buys cheap oil from Russia, and has net zero targeted for 10 years after everyone else. Positive is great but not if it's useful idiocy.

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