Ynsect and Astanor Ventures to Speak at NOAH22 Zurich

**NOAH Category: Unicorns Reinventing the Food Chain: Insects for People and Planet – Fireside Chat with Christina Ulardic, Astanor Ventures and Antoine Hubert, Ynsect 🦄**

Welcome to the NOAH Conference Zurich 2022! In this fireside chat, Christina Ulardic from Astanor Ventures and Antoine Hubert from Ynsect discuss how insects are revolutionizing the agri-food industry and creating a sustainable future for both people and the planet.

At Astanor Ventures, they are pioneers in the agri-food tech venture capital space, with a focus on investing in companies that are transforming the food system from soil to gut. One of their notable investments is in Ynsect, a company that has been at the forefront of insect-based solutions since 2016.

So, why is Ynsect so unique? Antoine Hubert, the founder of Ynsect, explains that their technology addresses the four main threats identified by the IPCC and IPBES – global warming, deforestation, biodiversity loss, and pollution. Ynsect’s products have the potential to replace traditional sources of meat, fertilizers, and proteins that contribute to these threats. By doing so, they offer a sustainable alternative that reduces carbon emissions, soil and water pollution, and deforestation.

Throughout their journey, Ynsect has faced and overcome several challenges. One of the key hurdles was navigating the regulatory landscape, as insects were not initially considered in the existing regulations. However, through their lobbying efforts, Ynsect successfully convinced the European Commission and member states to open up the market to insect-based products. This milestone allowed Ynsect to expand their business and generate significant contracted revenues, exceeding 150 million euros.

Another challenge was convincing customers of the benefits of insect-based products. While sustainability is a crucial aspect, Ynsect also focused on proving the technical and health benefits of their offerings. By partnering with large companies in the plant nutrition and food industries, they were able to demonstrate the value of their products and secure over 1 billion dollars in contracting negotiations.

In terms of technology, Ynsect has successfully scaled up their vertical farming operations. With a state-of-the-art facility in France, they collect around 1 billion data points per day, showcasing their dedication to innovation and efficiency. To meet the growing demand and fulfill their pipeline of contracts, Ynsect is working on building additional capacity through collaborations with global corporations and joint ventures.

To support these expansion plans, Ynsect is currently seeking further funding. With already promising progress in securing financing, they are actively exploring partnerships with investors who are interested in being part of their impactful journey.

Join this fireside chat to learn more about Ynsect’s groundbreaking work in the agri-food industry and how they are leading the charge towards a sustainable future.

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NOAH Category: Unicorns
Reinventing the Food Chain: Insects for People and Planet – Fireside Chat with Christina Ulardic, Astanor Ventures and Antoine Hubert, Ynsect 🦄 at the NOAH Conference Zurich 2022, 6-7 December, The Circle.

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