The Role of Technology in Cold War II: Insights from Lakestar at NOAH22 Zurich

## NOAH Conference Zurich 2022: Cold War II and the Role of Tech

Welcome to the NOAH Conference Zurich 2022, where industry leaders gather to discuss the European internet and the future of the digital ecosystem. In this keynote presentation, Klaus Hommels from Lakestar delves into the topic of Cold War II and the role of technology, exploring the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

As the ecosystem around sustainability gains traction, it becomes crucial for entrepreneurs to navigate the landscape and address the decisive questions that will propel the ecosystem forward. Drawing from their extensive experience in the tech ecosystem, Lakestar provides valuable insights and guidance for entrepreneurs in two key areas: microeconomics and regulatory frameworks.

The microeconomic guidance helps entrepreneurs to understand what to expect in terms of market dynamics and financial trends. On the other hand, dealing with regulatory frameworks can be a daunting task for growing companies. Lakestar emphasizes the importance of being prepared for the regulatory challenges that arise as companies scale, based on their own experiences and lessons learned.

The presentation also highlights the macroeconomic implications and the role of politics in shaping the business landscape. With inflationary pressures and changing perceptions, companies need to navigate more cautiously, especially in later funding rounds. The weak industry policies in Europe compared to Asia and the US are a concern, prompting a closer look at the macroeconomic challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the keynote sheds light on the recent developments in the US, such as the bipartisan infrastructure law, the chips and science act, and the inflation reduction act. These policies significantly impact competition and investment in the US, affecting entrepreneurs worldwide. The presentation breaks down the sectors that receive substantial support through these policies, particularly in the areas of energy security, climate change, and green technologies.

Overall, this keynote presentation provides valuable insights into the current state of the digital ecosystem, the challenges entrepreneurs face, and the strategies needed to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

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Cold War II and the Role of Tech – Keynote Presentation by Klaus Hommels, Lakestar at the NOAH Conference Zurich 2022, 6-7 December, The Circle.

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