BITKRAFT’s Leonard Langenscheidt on Esports: Entering the Digital Realm at NOAH19 Berlin

**Esports: Our First Step Into the Digital World – Company Presentation by Leonard Langenscheidt at NOAH Conference Berlin 2019**

Welcome to our company presentation on the future of esports, presented by Leonard Langenscheidt, Principal at BITKRAFT Esports Ventures. In this video, Leonard shares his insights on the rise of esports, its immense growth potential, and what it means for the digital world.

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NOAH Conference is Europe’s premier networking conference for the digital ecosystem. It brings together senior industry executives, world-class investors, and rising startups to discuss market trends, form business partnerships, and explore the latest innovations.

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In this video, Leonard Langenscheidt explores the world of esports and its impact on the digital landscape. With over 450 million people watching esports competitions online, the market continues to experience exponential growth year after year. And it’s not just about the numbers, but also the engagement and interest in competitive video games.

BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, led by industry expert Jens Hilgers, has established itself as the leading venture capital fund for esports, investing in numerous successful esports ventures. Leonard, as a principal at BITKRAFT, shares his expertise and passion for esports as both an industry professional and a fan.

Esports is not just about competition, it has become a cultural phenomenon. Games like League of Legends and PUBG have attracted millions of players and continue to thrive in popularity. They have become digital worlds where players not only compete but also hang out and foster communities.

What makes esports even more fascinating is its potential as a stepping stone into the digital world. For years, people have fantasized about living in a digital reality, and esports has become the gateway that has immersed young people into these digital worlds. Leonard envisions a future where these digital worlds expand to encompass more than just competition, but also cultural, social, and even romantic experiences.

Already, we are witnessing unique experiences within digital worlds, such as a concert by DJ Marshmello in Fortnite, where millions of players gathered to enjoy the virtual performance. Leonard himself has hosted a book club meeting in the digital world, proving that these spaces can be platforms for meaningful interactions and connections.

So, join Leonard as he dives into the exciting world of esports and its potential to revolutionize how we interact and engage in the digital realm. Discover how esports is shaping the future of the digital landscape and the opportunities it presents for businesses, investors, and individuals alike.

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Esports: Our first step into the digital world – Company presentation by Leonard Langenscheidt, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures at the NOAH Conference Berlin 2019, 13-14 June, STATION.

NOAH Conference is Europe’s premier networking conference for the digital ecosystem where senior industry executives, world-class investors and rising startups gather to discuss market trends, form business partnerships and explore the latest innovations.

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