NOAH19 London: Shipfix Teams Up with Idinvest Partners

Welcome to our YouTube video featuring a fireside chat with Serge Alleyne, Co-Founder & CEO of Shipfix, and Louis Bô, Investment Manager at Idinvest Partners. This chat took place at the NOAH Conference London 2019, where senior industry executives, world-class investors, and rising startups gathered to discuss market trends, form partnerships, and explore innovations in the digital ecosystem of Europe.

Shipfix is a data and community platform that aims to enhance efficiency in the dry cargo maritime industry. By revolutionizing the way trade and communication occur on a daily basis, Shipfix provides access to new data intelligence, fresh insights, and valuable benchmarks for all stakeholders involved in fixing a dry cargo ship. Whether you are a charter, ship owner, ship operator, freight forwarder, or broker, Shipfix offers real-time business and market offers, organizing it through a comprehensive market monitor. This enables better decision-making and provides a competitive edge in the market.

The founders of Shipfix, Serge Alleyne and Louis Bô, bring unique perspectives to the logistics and shipping industry. With backgrounds in tech entrepreneurship, investment, and banking, they identified the need for a proper market infrastructure in the industry. Shipfix was created to address the overwhelming amount of emails and manual computations that hinder efficiency. By extracting and organizing data from emails, Shipfix creates a messaging platform and market monitor that connect stakeholders, streamline processes, and save time in the industry.

In the video, Serge Alleyne and Louis Bô discuss the challenges faced by the industry and how Shipfix aims to bring about positive change. They emphasize the importance of data-driven decision-making and the role of Shipfix in providing comprehensive and reliable information. They also discuss the unique technical complexities of the shipping industry that require specialized operations and expertise beyond a simple marketplace.

To learn more about Shipfix and their mission to transform the dry cargo maritime industry, watch the full video and subscribe to our channel for more insightful content. Don’t forget to follow the NOAH Conference on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and events in the European digital ecosystem.

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Industrial Digitisation: Fireside chat with Serge Alleyne, Co-Founder & CEO of Shipfix and Louis Bô, Investment Manager at Idinvest Partners at the NOAH Conference London 2019, 30-31 October, Old Billingsgate.

NOAH Conference is Europe’s premier networking conference for the digital ecosystem where senior industry executives, world-class investors and rising startups gather to discuss market trends, form business partnerships and explore the latest innovations.

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