Video: Mastering Product Management & Innovation with Productboard

**Sachin Rekhi on Product Management & Innovation | Behind the Roadmap**

**Favorite Books on Product Management**

In a recent conversation with Productboard, Sachin Rekhi discussed various aspects of product management and innovation. Among the topics covered in the 15-minute video, Rekhi highlighted some of his favorite books on product management. These include “The Creative Act” by Rick Rubin, “Creative Selection” by Ken Kocienda, and “The Everything Store” by Brad Stone. These books offer valuable insights into the field of product management.

**The 3 Types of Product Managers**

Rekhi also discussed the different types of product managers. He identified three distinct categories: builders, tuners, and innovators. Builders are focused on executing product plans and bringing them to fruition. Tuners, on the other hand, work on improving and optimizing existing products. Innovators are responsible for introducing new ideas and driving breakthrough innovations within a company.

**Limitations of the Lean Startup Methodology**

The conversation delved into the limitations of the lean startup methodology when it comes to introducing a new product to the market. While the lean startup approach offers valuable insights and techniques for building product-market fit, Rekhi emphasized the need to complement it with other strategies. He pointed out that the lean startup methodology may not address all the challenges and complexities that arise when launching a new product.

**Choosing the Right Company for Your Career Journey**

Rekhi offered advice on how to select the ideal company for career growth. He emphasized the importance of considering a company’s stage, product, team, and culture when making this decision. Rekhi advised aspiring product managers to align themselves with companies that have a product leadership mindset and a culture of innovation. By joining companies that prioritize these aspects, professionals can enhance their own growth and development within the field of product management.

**Exploring New Technological Waves**

The conversation also touched upon the recent technological waves of cryptocurrency and generative artificial intelligence (AI). Rekhi shared insights on how individuals can take advantage of these emerging trends in their careers. He highlighted the importance of staying informed and continuously learning about these technologies to identify potential opportunities and advancements for product management.

**A Peek into the Home Office**

The video also provided viewers with a tour of Rekhi’s home office, where he does his most creative work. During the tour, his dog Dexter made several adorable cameos. This behind-the-scenes glimpse offers a personal touch to the conversation and provides a glimpse into Rekhi’s work environment.

If any of these topics pique your interest, make sure to watch the full (

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