Valuer Collaborates with Columbia Lake Partners to Fund European Technologies

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In this video, we have the privilege of interviewing George Bartlett, Investment Manager at Columbia Lake Partners. Columbia Lake Partners is a renowned London-based company offering investment funds to technology companies since 2014. With over 40 funded companies, they have already made a significant impact in the industry[^1^].

Tech companies, particularly those focused on software, can benefit from loan opportunities ranging from two to ten million euros. Columbia Lake Partners boasts a total fund capacity of 250 million dollars, providing ample opportunities for businesses to expand and thrive[^2^].

What sets Columbia Lake Partners apart is their US background, bringing a fresh perspective to the European venture capital scene. Being present at TechBBQ, George Bartlett witnesses the potential for growth and the emergence of new and exciting companies. This event allows him to connect with fascinating individuals and businesses, fostering new partnerships and fostering innovation[^3^].

At Valuer, we understand the importance of storytelling in the business world. Craft your story and make it concise and compelling during the first meeting. We believe in understanding the team behind the business, their journey, and the value they bring to the market. Metrics and detailed information can follow later, as our focus is on grasping the essence of each venture and its potential[^4^].

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**Video Transcript Highlights**:
– George Bartlett introduces himself and Columbia Lake Partners, a European growth debt fund specializing in technology companies.
– The unique focus of Columbia Lake Partners on software companies selling to banks, insurance companies, and other businesses.
– Information about Columbia Lake Partners’ 250 million dollar fund capacity and their team of experts.
– George Bartlett discusses the growth and potential of European technology companies and the aim of bringing a fresh perspective to European venture capital.
– The significance of TechBBQ in connecting with companies, investors, and building networks.
– The emphasis on crafting compelling stories and conveying the essence of a venture in initial meetings.

*Video edited by Claudia Bednorz*


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In this video, we got the chance to speak to George Bartlett, Investment Manager at Columbia Lake Partners. Columbia Lake Partners, founded in 2014, is a London based company offering investment funds to technology companies. In their short lifespan they funded over 40 companies.

Technology companies, especially software companies, can get a loan between two and ten million euros to help grow their business. The company’s total fund capacity amounts to 250 million dollars, giving lots of businesses the chance to be invested in.

With having a US background, the company’s goal is to bring a fresh perspective into the European venture capital. What makes TechBBQ so unique and worth while for George Bartlett is to see so much growth and new companies, giving him the chance to meet many interesting people and businesses.

Video edited by Claudia Bednorz

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