5 Common Investment Pitfalls to Avoid – Insights from Teddy Amberg, Spicehaus Partners

**[Title]:** 5 Top Investment Pitfalls Shared by Dr. Teddy Amberg | Spicehaus Partners AG

In this video, Dr. Teddy Amberg from Spicehaus Partners AG shares the top five investment pitfalls that every investor should be aware of. As an investor in Swiss startups, Dr. Amberg has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field.

– 1:44 – Understanding Moderate Exit Prices in Switzerland
– 2:50 – What’s Your Typical Valuation Threshold?
– 5:24 – Can You Correct a “Broken” Cap Table?
– 6:36 – Mind the Dilution – Medium of 107 Mil CHF in Switzerland
– 8:00 – Minority Shareholder Protection
– 9:37 – Team Incentives
– 0:00-0:25 – It Always Takes Longer
– 0:25-2:54 – Speak Up Before It’s Too Late
– 2:54-4:23 – Why I Invest in Swiss Startups

Dr. Teddy Amberg emphasizes the importance of considering exit prices and valuation thresholds when making investments. He explains how dilution can significantly impact returns in venture capital investments and advises on calculating potential investment ranges accordingly.

Furthermore, Dr. Amberg sheds light on the unique characteristics of the Swiss startup market, discussing the focus on breakeven points and the more realistic exit prices compared to Silicon Valley. He shares insights on protecting minority shareholders, avoiding broken cap tables, and implementing team incentives effectively.

Investing in startups requires a long-term perspective, as success often takes time and additional funding rounds. Dr. Amberg stresses the need for cautious fundraising and ensuring an adequate runway for startups.

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5 top investment pitfalls shared by Dr Teddy Amberg from Spicehaus Partners AG
Learn more about the SICTIC Academy at
Understand the moderate exit prices in #Switzerland (1:44)
What’s your typical valuation threshold? (2:50)
Can you correct a “broken” cap table? (5:24)

0:25 Mind the dilution – medium of 107 mil CHF in Switzerland
02:54 Minority shareholder protection
04:23 Team incentives
06:36 It always takes longer
08:00 Speak up before it’s too late
09:37 Why I invest in #Swiss #startups

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