Unraveling the Secrets of Creating a Win-Win Hyperlocal Delivery Venture | Young Turks on CNBC-TV18

# A Theatre of Conflict: Examining the Impact and Challenges of Blinkit’s Rate Card on Delivery Partners

In this exclusive interview by CNBC-TV18, Shereen Bhan speaks to key industry experts to discuss the recent conflicts between Blinkit and its delivery partners over a new rate card. Joining the conversation are Zepto’s Co-Founder, the CEO of logistics company Shadowfax, the National General Secretary of the Indian Federation of app-based transport workers, and the CEO of Bombay Shaving Company.

The new rate card implemented by Blinkit, with a reduced rate per delivery, has sparked protests and concerns among its delivery partners. While Blinkit argues that the distance-based variable component is fair, the riders believe it will significantly impact their monthly earnings. This standoff temporarily shut down half of Blinkit’s dark stores in the region. However, the protests have since subsided, with the majority of delivery partners returning to work.

Despite the disruption, Zomato, the parent company of Blinkit, declared that it had no material impact on its financial performance. Experts, however, believe that the underlying issue lies in the business model of quick commerce itself, which focuses on instant gratification but delays profitability. Many players in the sector continue to burn cash and report losses.

In this informative video, the guests provide insights into the economic and operational realities of running a hyper local delivery business. They discuss the biggest cost centers, the challenges faced, and what it will take to create a sustainable business model. With the hyperlocal delivery market estimated to be worth five billion dollars, the conversation aims to shed light on how to turn this market into a sustainable and profitable one.

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A theatre of conflict between Blinkit & its delivery partners over a new rate card. Shereen Bhan speaks to Zepto’s Co-Founder, CEO of Logistics company Shadowfax, National General Secretary of the Indian Federation of app-based transport workers & CEO of Bombay Shaving Company about the impact, challenges & concerns for all the business models. Listen in.

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