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**Title: Softer Blow for Startups: India Exempts Several Entities and Countries from Angel Tax**

In this video, CNBC-TV18 brings you the latest updates on the government’s efforts to soften the blow of the Angel Tax. They have released a new list of investors who will be exempted from this tax levy. The government plans to exclude various foreign investors and entities from the tax, providing partial relief to startups. Find out which entities and countries are included in the exemption list and how this impacts the startup sector. Watch the video for a detailed analysis.

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“The Indian government is taking steps to soften the impact of the Angel Tax on startups. Earlier this year, the scope of Angel Tax was expanded to include non-resident investors, causing a lot of concern. However, today, the government has released a list of entities and countries that will be exempt from this tax. Central banks, sovereign wealth funds, multinational organizations, and government-controlled entities with ownership exceeding 75% are some of the entities that will be exempt. Additionally, banks, insurance companies, and registered foreign venture capital investors making investments in startups will also be exempt. The government has also provided a list of 21 countries whose investors will be exempt, including the USA, UK, Japan, France, and Canada. However, the bigger issue still remains the valuation rule of the Angel Tax. The government is expected to release new valuation rules in the near future to provide further relief to the startup sector. Stay tuned for more updates on this important issue.”

Make sure to watch the video to get all the details on the exemptions and their impact on startups.

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The government is looking to soften the blow of the Angel Tax as it released a new list of investors exempted.

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