CNBC TV18 Shines a Light on Nano Entrepreneurs with Arkam Ventures’ Second VC Fund of $180 Million

**Title:** Nano Entrepreneurs and the Future of Indian MSMEs | Building a Data-Driven Credit Solution

**Description:** On WorldMSMEDay, we shine a light on the significant contributions of nano entrepreneurs in India’s economy, with a turnover of less than 1 cr. Join us as we explore the challenges faced by this segment and discuss innovative solutions for their credit needs.

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## Key Highlights:
– Arkam Ventures launches second venture capital fund of $180 million, supporting the growth of tech startups.
– The rise of AI in the culinary world: Shereen Bhan turns sous-chef for an AI masterchef!
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*Transcript of the video continues below…*

#### Transcript:
Foreign losses saw a significant jump, reaching 523-545 million dollars, up from 300 million in the previous year (source: [Authority Link](insert_source_link)). Meanwhile, Arkam Ventures has launched its second venture capital fund with a target corpus of $180 million, aiming to build a portfolio of 20 tech startups (source: [Authority Link](insert_source_link)).

In this video, we focus on the crucial role of nano entrepreneurs in India’s economy, particularly those with a turnover of less than one crore. These micro and nano businesses make up around 80% of the overall MSME sector and contribute significantly to the GDP (source: [Authority Link](insert_source_link)). However, there is a lack of data and policies specifically catering to this segment. We dive into the impact they can have and discuss strategies to address their credit needs.

Joining us are Gita Goel, Managing Director of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation in India, and Sucharita Mukherjee, Co-founder of Collide-o-Brate. They share key findings from their research, highlighting the unique profile of nano entrepreneurs and the challenges they face in accessing credit. We also explore innovative underwriting models and tech-driven solutions that can improve their financial inclusion (source: [Authority Link](insert_source_link)).

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On WorldMSMEDay, we put the spotlight on nano entrepreneurs with a turnover of less than `1 cr. Arkam Ventures has launched its second venture capital fund of $180 million. Shereen Bhan turns Sous-chef for an AI masterchef!

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