Unlock the Possibility: Harnessing Generative AI to Forge Your Synthetic Self

**Using Generative AI to Enhance Customer Service: A Positive Approach**


Generative AI has been widely discussed in recent months, with much attention focusing on its potential risks and copyright claims. However, there are also numerous positive ways in which this technology can be integrated into businesses. One area where it shows great promise is customer service. Companies such as Samsung have already utilized generative AI to create customer service agents that can engage with customers on an emotional level. With the emergence of new applications and platforms, businesses of all sizes can now transform their one-dimensional chatbots into more engaging and interactive entities. This article explores the potential of generative AI in customer service and how it can revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers.

**Transforming Bots with Emotional Engagement: The Samsung Neon Example**

The success of Samsung’s Neon project showcases the potential of embodied AI in customer service. By creating a suite of customer service agents that can match the profiles of customers in need of assistance, Samsung demonstrated how generative AI can enhance customer interactions. This development opens up the possibility for businesses of any size to utilize similar technology and create emotionally engaging customer service interfaces.

**Explosion in the Market: Utilizing Generative AI for Training, Learning, and Marketing**

Matthew Kershaw, V.P. of Commercial Strategy at, a platform for creating digital people, explains that the generative AI market is exploding. This technology enables businesses and individuals to create internal content for training, learning, development, and marketing at a fraction of the cost and much faster than traditional methods. Video content can now be easily created where it didn’t exist before, transforming boring documents into interesting videos and imaginative scenarios. Many businesses are already embracing this technology to improve the understanding of training content, increase completion rates, and make sales content more engaging.

**Creating a Digital Person: Simple and Versatile**

Creating a digital person, also known as a synthetic media or synthetic self, is surprisingly easy. Platforms like offer a streamlined process where users simply upload an image, choose the language in which the persona will speak, and type or record the desired text. A few seconds later, a video is generated featuring the digital persona speaking the chosen words. The simplicity of this process has contributed to the growing popularity of generative AI platforms.

**Unleashing the Power of Synthetic Selves: A Personal Experiment**

To gain a firsthand experience of generative AI technology, the author engaged with Superheroic, a company specializing in creating avatars and synthetic selves. After a consultation to determine the desired characteristics and needs, a selection of headshots was provided. The team at Superheroic used advanced blending techniques to create a unique avatar that captured the author’s vision. The resulting synthetic self, known as TF14, was then set up on the platform, complete with a cloned voice using Eleven Labs’ voice cloning technology. TF14 proved to be invaluable for a range of business tasks, including email follow-ups, friendly interactions on messaging apps, invoice chasing, podcast promotions, and even customer reviews in avatar mode.

**The Future of Digital People: Integration and Utility**

While the utilization of digital personas in business contexts is still in its early stages, these synthetic selves are poised to become powerful tools for marketing, training, and promotional content. The next stage in their evolution is expected to be integration with other systems that enable them to act as agents on behalf of individuals or businesses. This integration could be used for various scenarios, including out of office videos or negotiating on behalf of the user. The possibilities for these synthetic selves to navigate through complex administrative tasks and bureaucracy are immense. A team of digital agents cutting through the complexity of daily domestic and business administration could provide immense relief and efficiency.


Generative AI has immense potential beyond the concerns of existential risks and deepfake suspicions. In customer service, it has already shown great promise in enhancing emotional engagement and interaction. With the emergence of new applications and platforms, businesses of all sizes can now leverage generative AI to create engaging and interactive customer interfaces. The ability to easily create digital personas presents new opportunities for training, learning, development, and marketing. As the technology evolves and integrates with existing systems, the potential for digital people acting as agents on behalf of individuals or businesses is extensive. The future holds exciting possibilities for generative AI to transform business interactions and streamline administrative tasks, providing efficiency and convenience to users.

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