Transforming Photography: The Evolution from Analog Artists to Digital Mainstream at LeWeb 2010

Title: The Evolution of Photography in the 21st Century | LeWeb 2010 Paris Panel Discussion

Welcome to the panel discussion on the evolution of the photography industry and how it has transitioned from being an art form practiced by a select few, to something that is embraced by the masses. Moderated by Rodrigo Sepulveda, a renowned Internet Entrepreneur and Business Angel, this discussion features industry experts Ted Forbes, Jean-Marie Hullot, Malden Nicolaus, and Oleg Tscheltzoff.

In this insightful discussion, the panelists delve into the history of photography, exploring how platforms for visibility have changed over time. They discuss the role of exhibitions and photojournalism in showcasing artists’ work, and how social media has revolutionized the way photographers showcase and share their work today.

The discussion also touches on the significance of the smartphone in photography, with Ted Forbes arguing that it is perhaps the most important advancement in photography in several hundred years. The accessibility and convenience of smartphones have empowered individuals to capture and share their photos instantly, leading to a massive influx of pictures online.

While this shift has led to some challenges in monetizing images, with the panelists discussing the impact on traditional revenue models, they also emphasize the importance of community and participation in the evolving landscape of photography.

Join us in this engaging discussion that sheds light on the transformation of the photography industry and how photographers are adapting to the changing dynamics of the digital era.

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Moderated by: Rodrigo Sepulveda, Internet Entrepreneur & Business Angel. Panelists: Ted Forbes, Designer, Multi-Media Producer, Photographer & Film Director. Jean-Marie Hullot, Founder & CEO, Fotopedia. Malden Nicolaus, Social Media Manager EMEA, Kodak. Oleg Tscheltzoff, Founder & CEO Fotolia.

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