Cracked Pots Holiday Shop and ReClaim It! Pop-up: A Unique Shopping Experience

# [Title]: Unique Gifts and Sustainable Shopping at the Cracked Pots Holiday Pop-Up in North Portland

[![Cracked Pots Holiday Pop-Up in North Portland](thumbnail.jpg)](

Welcome to Tonight with Cassidy! In this episode, we are excited to kick-start our holiday shopping at the Cracked Pots Holiday Pop-Up in North Portland[^1^]. This pop-up shop is a treasure trove of unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. What makes this shopping experience even more special is its dedication to reusing materials and promoting sustainable living[^1^].

Located in a former bank building in the neighborhood of St. John’s, this pop-up shop is a world away from typical malls or stores[^1^]. Inside, you’ll discover an array of fun and creative items made primarily from reclaimed materials[^1^]. The artists behind these products follow a rule that everything they create is made from at least 80% reclaimed materials[^1^].

By highlighting sustainable giving, the Cracked Pots Holiday Pop-Up encourages shoppers to make more eco-friendly choices during the holiday season[^1^]. In a city like Portland, where the community is conscious about the environmental impact of consumerism, this is a refreshing change in tone[^1^]. With so much plastic and waste that accumulates during the holiday season, supporting local artisans who prioritize sustainability is a small but impactful way to flip the script[^1^].

Visit the Cracked Pots website to learn more about their mission and the artists featured in the pop-up shop: []([^1^].

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[^1^]: [Cracked Pots Official Website](

A pop-up shop in North Portland has plenty of gifts you won’t find anywhere else and the theme is reusing materials to help the environment!

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