Pharma Industry: Pioneering Empowerment and Engagement

# Leading the Way: Empowerment And Engagement In The Pharma Industry

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In this enlightening discussion, Jamjoom Pharma CEO Tarek Youssef Hosni shares insights on the growing role of women in the pharmaceutical industry and how they empower others. Moderated by Sally Moussa, an international presenter, this session explores the strategies and experiences that have led to their success.

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**Video Transcript:**


It is great to have you there’s been so much incredible energy at the summit and we are going to be continuing with a discussion that you do not want to miss this afternoon. We are talking about the empowerment of women in the Pharmaceuticals industry with a top Regional business leader in the field, Tarek Youssef Husni CEO of Jim Dum Pharma. Personally, he is a recognized Visionary with unique coaching and transformational abilities with a phenomenal track record of challenging business turnaround. He’s been in Pharma for more than 34 years, doing incredible things at the very top levels, and leading companies ranging from 400 Million to 1.3 billion dollars in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Currently, as the CEO of Jimdoom Pharma, this is very exciting news – literally today he has just led the biggest Saudi IPO so far this year after Saudi Aramco.

Congratulations on the IPO and thank you for having me. When I saw the initial announcement for this forum, I noticed that I am perhaps the only man or one of the few among the 50 or 60 women in attendance. I was unsure whether I should stay or go, as being significantly outnumbered can be intimidating. However, throughout the day, I have witnessed the tremendous achievements and accomplishments of all the inspiring women in this room. It is truly a testament to your success and the tremendous responsibilities you balance alongside your career. I am grateful that I decided to attend and I feel privileged to be part of this extraordinary event.

Now, let’s talk about the IPO. We received approval in December last year after more than 18 months of hard work. Initially, we were uncertain about whether to proceed with the market conditions. However, during a meeting in San Francisco, I discussed our plans to take the company public with industry leaders. Although there were concerns about the global economy, they expressed their confidence in Saudi Arabia and its potential for success. Encouraged by their support, we made the decision to rely on the fundamentals of our company and the country. I am thrilled to announce that we have received more than 50 times the subscription for the IPO book, making it one of the best IPOs this year.

Now, let’s dive into the topic of women empowerment in the pharma industry. Many companies use the term “women empowerment” as a marketing technique, but what does it truly mean to me as the CEO of Jim John Pharma? Allow me to share a couple of stories that have shaped my understanding of empowerment.

### Story 1: A Lesson in Empowerment

My first story takes me back to my childhood when I witnessed an argument between my grandfather and grandmother. As a young boy who adored his grandmother, I couldn’t understand my grandfather’s actions. When we were alone, I mustered the courage to confront him about it. I asked him why he treated my grandmother poorly when she was so weak and fragile. His response struck me like a snake bite. He told me that the power of empowerment lies not in physical strength but in the ability to overcome challenges and persevere. This profound lesson in empowerment has stayed with me throughout my life.

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Leading the Way: Empowerment And Engagement In The Pharma Industry
Jamjoom Pharma CEO Tarek Youssef Hosni discusses the growing role of women in the pharma industry and how they empower others. The session was moderated by Sally Moussa, an international presenter.

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