Introducing the AI Legal Assistant Designed for Lawyers

**Pablo Arredondo on Implementing AI Technology in Lawyers’ Workflows | Forbes Talks**

Pablo Arredondo, the CIO and cofounder of Casetext, joins “Forbes Talks” to discuss the benefits of implementing AI technology in the everyday workflow of lawyers. From making legal research easier to drafting briefs, Casetext’s platform offers a range of tools powered by artificial intelligence. Arredondo explains how Casetext’s suite of tools, known as co-counsel, leverages the latest AI models, like gbt4, to provide accurate and reliable information based on real case law.

**How AI Technology Can Help Lawyers**

Arredondo emphasizes the importance of understanding how to correctly use AI technology in the legal field. While chatbots may not be suitable for legal research due to potential inaccuracies, Casetext’s co-counsel ensures that answers are anchored in truth by using retrieval augmented generation. Lawyers can apply this technology to various areas, including legal research, data mining, contract law, deposition preparation, and e-discovery.

**Flexibility for Different Types of Lawyers**

Due to the language-centric nature of law, Casetext’s AI technology has proven to be flexible and applicable across different types of lawyers. The platform has been well-received by in-house counsel at Fortune 50 companies, small boutiques, non-profits, and large law firms in America.

**Managing Concerns and the Future of AI in Law**

Arredondo addresses concerns about AI technology replacing lawyers. While there may be some shifts in certain tasks and billing paradigms, he believes that human attorneys will continue to be essential in the legal profession. However, he acknowledges that predicting the future impact of technology is challenging, and opinions may vary. It is crucial to stay informed, adapt to technological advancements, and explore tools like Casetext’s co-counsel to enhance legal workflows.

**Getting Started with Casetext’s AI Tools**

If you are interested in using Casetext’s co-counsel, the first step depends on the size of your law firm. Larger law firms can work directly with Casetext executives, while smaller firms can join the waitlist to gain access to the platform. Arredondo acknowledges the high demand for their tools and assures prospective users that they are actively processing waitlist applicants.

**Choosing a Legal AI Solution**

Arredondo recommends considering certain factors when choosing a legal AI solution. Companies should prioritize the accuracy and reliability of the AI models they use. Casetext’s focus on anchoring AI technology in real case law helps mitigate the risks of misinformation and fake quotes. It is important to ensure that any AI platform chosen is designed to support lawyers rather than replace them.

*Source: [Forbes Talks | Legal AI: Enhancing Lawyers’ Workflows with Pablo Arredondo](*

Pablo Arredondo, the CIO and cofounder of Casetext, joins “Forbes Talks” to discuss how lawyers can implement AI technology to ease their everyday workflow.

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