The South Korean Originated Global Machine Learning Training Program

Google Launches Machine Learning Bootcamp in Seven High-Growth Countries

Google is committed to making information accessible worldwide. In line with this mission, the company launched the Google Machine Learning Bootcamp in Korea in 2020. The program aims to make artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) more accessible to developers. Two years after its launch, the program has expanded to seven countries and regions: Europe, India, LATAM, Africa, Turkey, Japan, and Korea.

Why the Bootcamp was Created

Korea has an established developer community, comprising both global enterprises and local start-ups. Google saw the opportunity to support this community by making AI and ML more accessible. The result was the three-month intensive Google Machine Learning Bootcamp program. It targets students and developers, providing them with the skills needed to pursue software engineering careers in AI and ML.

How the Bootcamp Works

Google Machine Learning Bootcamp is a comprehensive program that offers participants training in machine learning, providing them with the skills needed to excel in this field. Throughout the course of the program, participants undertake training that complements their existing skillset. They get the opportunity to learn about ML theory and TensorFlow through Coursera’s Deep Learning Specialization. Participants also have the chance to practice their skills through Kaggle competitions, earning TensorFlow certificates or Google Cloud ML Engineer certification.

Expanding the Program

The success of the Google Machine Learning Bootcamp in Korea led Google to expand the program to other high-growth countries and emerging markets. The program’s most recent edition garnered over 36,000 applications worldwide, and 1,600 finalists were selected. The flexibility of the virtual program enables people from all over the world to participate, regardless of their location or schedule. The expansion of the program has opened more employment opportunities for participants, as they can seek employment in the companies they collaborate with during the course of the program.


Google Machine Learning Bootcamp has been a catalytic program for the growth of developer communities across seven countries and regions. The program has expanded the skillset of developers, making AI and ML more accessible. The flexibility of the program has enabled people worldwide to participate and earn valuable certificates, creating better earning prospects in the tech industry.

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