Introducing a Cutting-edge Initiative: Empowering Women Pioneering AI Startups in the Asia Pacific Region

**Google for Startups Launches Women Founders Fund for AI Startups in Asia Pacific**

Google for Startups is introducing a new fund to support women startup founders in the Asia Pacific region who are building AI products. The initiative aims to create a more equitable ecosystem for women entrepreneurs and promote the development of inclusive AI solutions. The Google for Startups Women Founders Fund will award $100,000 in equity-free cash to six startups from India, Japan, and Korea. These countries have seen a rise in women-founded AI businesses through Google for Startups programs such as Startup School in India, and the Campuses in Japan and Korea.

**Expanding the Reach of Google for Startups Founders Funds**

The Google for Startups Women Founders Fund is part of Google’s wider effort to support underrepresented and at-risk founders globally. Since 2020, the Google for Startups Founders Funds have provided more than $30 million to founders in Africa, Europe, Brazil, and the U.S. These investments have enabled over 400 recipient startups to secure over $400 million in follow-on venture capital. This success demonstrates the effectiveness of investing in underrepresented founders to foster business growth.

**Success Stories from Google for Startups Programs**

Several women founders have already benefited from Google for Startups programs. Hyemin Lee, founder of Korean fintech startup Finda, was able to secure funding to expand her AI-powered digital loans platform after participating in Google for Startups Residency in 2016. Mariko Magnan, founder of Japanese personal concierge startup TPO, gained confidence in pitching her business to international partners after attending last year’s Google for Startups Founders Academy. These success stories highlight the importance of providing support, mentorship, and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

**Supporting Women Founders in AI**

Despite progress in the investment landscape for startups, women founders still face biases and limited access to capital. Women entrepreneurs are often subject to higher standards and perceived as less capable than their male counterparts. To address these challenges, women founders need support to establish credibility for their ideas and foster a community of like-minded individuals who can advocate for one another. The Google for Startups Women Founders Fund aims to provide not only capital but also dedicated mentorship and technical assistance from Google experts.

**Apply for the Women Founders Fund**

Interested founders in India, Japan, and Korea can apply for the Google for Startups Women Founders Fund from today until August 15, 2023. The successful applicants will receive a cash award of $100,000, access to mentorship, and technical support from Google. This initiative paves the way for more women entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region to develop innovative AI solutions that can contribute to a more inclusive and diverse technology ecosystem. Apply for the Women Founders Fund now at

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