Court Dismisses State Attorney General’s Allegations Regarding Google Search

**Google Search Design Claims Dismissed by U.S. District Court**

In a significant legal development, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia recently ruled on Google’s Motion for Summary Judgment. The court dismissed core claims relating to the design of Google Search. In response to the ruling, Kent Walker, Google’s President of Global Affairs & Chief Legal Officer, issued a statement emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering the best search results. He also expressed confidence in demonstrating the legality and pro-competitive nature of Google’s services during the trial.

**Google’s Dedication to Providing the Best Search Experience**

Google’s engineers meticulously develop the Google Search platform to deliver exceptional search results promptly. This approach ensures that users can easily find the information they are seeking. The court’s ruling acknowledged Google’s commitment to constantly improving its search functionality to meet user needs accurately. With an array of available information sources, people continue to choose Google for its helpful and efficient search experience.

**Wider Access to Information**

The dismissal of claims regarding the design of Google Search recognizes the multitude of ways available to individuals to access information in the digital age. Google consistently offers a valuable service that helps users navigate the vast landscape of online information efficiently. The popularity of Google Search emphasizes its effectiveness in meeting user demands.

**Charges Dismissed in Addition to Google Search Design Claims**

Aside from dismissing the claims concerning the design of Google Search, the court also dismissed allegations related to Google’s Android Compatibility Agreements, Anti-Fragmentation Agreements, Google Assistant, Internet of Things Devices, and the Android Open Source Project. This comprehensive dismissal affirms Google’s commitment to fulfilling its legal obligations while fostering healthy competition.

**Google’s Competitive Approach**

To gain a better understanding of Google’s competitive landscape and practices, interested individuals can visit the company’s official competition blog at This resource provides valuable insights into Google’s strategy and highlights the steps taken to maintain a level playing field in the industry.

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