“Tesla and GM Owners to Battle it Out at Supercharger Stations: A New Frontier in Electric Vehicle Rivalry”

Tesla to Share Supercharging Stations with GM and Ford Electric Vehicle Drivers

Owners of Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) were recently informed that they will have to share crowded Tesla Supercharging stations with Ford EV drivers. In an announcement made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and General Motors (GM) counterpart Mary Barra, it was revealed that GM’s EV customers will also be able to use Tesla’s recharge spots.

Concerns over Congestion at Tesla Supercharging Stations

Some Tesla owners have already expressed concerns over congested charging stations, with some drivers expressing frustration about the crowds and dreading the possibility of Tesla opening its charging network to rival automakers. However, opening up its network will enable Tesla to qualify for a share of billions of federal dollars available for improving the experience of charging EVs in America.

Access to Tesla Supercharger Stations for GM and Ford EV Drivers

Under a recent deal, GM drivers will gain access to Tesla’s 12,000 or so Supercharger stations from early next year, following a similar announcement by Ford. Both companies have also agreed to adopt Tesla’s connector standard, the North American Charging Standard (NACS), over the current industry-standard CCS.

While the GM and Ford arrangements with Tesla will likely boost the growing EV sector, Tesla drivers can expect longer wait times at Supercharging stations from unfamiliar vehicles joining them next year.


By sharing its Supercharging stations with GM and Ford EV drivers, Tesla is taking significant steps towards improving the EV charging experience in America. By adopting a unified charging standard, the deal will bring benefits for both Tesla owners and drivers of other electric vehicles. However, the increase in demand may cause Tesla’s charging stations to be more crowded, which will test Tesla’s network’s scalability and reliability.

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