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Google introduces the Secure AI Framework for secure AI systems

Google has introduced the Secure AI Framework (SAIF), a conceptual framework developed to address the security risks surrounding AI systems. It is inspired by security best practices applied to software development while incorporating an understanding of security mega-trends and risks specific to AI systems. The framework aims to provide clear industry security standards for building and deploying AI technology responsibly.

Why SAIF is necessary

As AI technology advances, actors with malicious intentions may seek to exploit these systems to commit cybercrime. Therefore, SAIF aims to mitigate specific risks associated with AI systems, such as stealing the model, poisoning the training data, injecting malicious inputs through prompt injection, and extracting confidential information in training data. A framework across the public and private sectors is necessary to ensure the technology that supports AI advancements is safeguarded by responsible actors who implement secure-by-default AI models.

Google’s collaborative approach to cybersecurity

Google has embraced an open and collaborative approach to cybersecurity that combines frontline intelligence, expertise, and innovation. It also shares threat information with others to help respond to and prevent cyberattacks. Based on that approach, SAIF is designed to help mitigate the specific risks associated with AI systems.

Six core elements of SAIF

SAIF consists of six core elements:

1. Incorporating security considerations into the AI development lifecycle
2. Establishing clear and measurable security objectives
3. Conducting rigorous security reviews of the AI system
4. Ensuring that the AI system conforms to existing security and privacy policies
5. Controlling the supply chain for the AI system
6. Preparing for and responding to security incidents

Practitioners can refer to SAIF’s summary and implementation examples

Practitioners interested in implementing SAIF can refer to a summary of the framework and practical implementation examples in PDF format, which are available on Google’s website.


As AI capabilities become increasingly integrated into products across the world, adhering to a bold and responsible framework like SAIF will be even more critical. SAIF intends to address specific security risks associated with AI systems and promote responsible AI development practices. The framework provides clear industry security standards for building and deploying AI technology responsibly.

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