Stopping Net Neutrality: A Maliciously Homophobic Propaganda Campaign Unleashed

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The telecom industry has launched a covert smear campaign against Gigi Sohn, a nominee for the FCC chair position by President Biden. Their aim is to prevent her confirmation, which would break the FCC deadlock and lead to the revival of net neutrality regulations. To stop her confirmation, they are engaging in a propaganda campaign filled with vicious attacks. [Source 1] [Source 2]

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In this video, we provide you with an update on the fight for net neutrality and the obstacles faced in confirming Gigi Sohn as the FCC chair. Currently, the FCC is split 2-2 between Democrats and Republicans, with a pro-net neutrality FCC chair ready to restore net neutrality once they have a majority. However, Sohn’s confirmation has been continuously blocked by Republicans and some Democrats with ties to corporate interests. They have launched a campaign to delegitimize her, using false accusations and homophobic attacks. [Source 1]

If Sohn is confirmed, Democrats would have the majority needed to restore net neutrality and undo the damage caused by Ajit Pai in 2017. This threatens the corporate interests of major ISPs like Comcast and Verizon, which is why they are determined to prevent her confirmation. They want to ensure that net neutrality regulations remain weakened, despite certain states passing their own net neutrality laws. [Source 2]

Telecommunications companies have intensified their opposition to Sohn’s nomination due to her history as an effective critic of their monopoly power. These companies have resorted to spreading lies about her to delay her confirmation, and the attacks have taken a homophobic turn as well. It is clear that the industry is behind these coordinated propaganda efforts, utilizing right-wing outlets such as Fox News, Breitbart, and The Daily Mail to attack Sohn’s credibility. [Source 1]

Sohn’s affiliation with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit focused on protecting user privacy and freedom of expression online, has been weaponized against her. The industry has tried to link her with someone who opposes the controversial laws FOSTA/SESTA, implying that she supports sex trafficking. This is a baseless and shameless attempt to discredit her. [Source 2]

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The telecom industry has launched a covert smear campaign against Gigi Sohn, who was nominated by President Biden to be a chair on the FCC. Knowing that Sohn’s confirmation would break the FCC deadlock and allow them to revive the net neutrality regulations killed by Ajit Pai in 2017, they’re waging a vicious propaganda campaign to stop her from being confirmed.

Republicans Launch Vicious Homophobic Campaign Against GiGi Sohn:
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  1. I am no longer surprised when I see how low Republicans are willing to swing. I have come to terms with the fact that's the norm for them, they will always be the worst humanity has to offer.
    They manipulate the masses, do very little of what they actually claim to, accuse their opponents of all the negative things they secretly do, and scream about freedom while backing policies that leave Americans out to dry while American companies get handed free money after not paying taxes and fire half their employees anyway.
    Voting for a Republican is literally voting for all of America to go homeless while companies get to monopolize everything and charge outrageous prices because there is no competition to undercut them.

  2. Great video

    Thank you for your good, carefully crafted work
    We are subscribers and will be PROUD to be patrons

    And CUTE BABY DOG !🐶❤️

    Oh yeah . . . ffffffffuuuu our corporate-controlled propaganda sewage fountain

    And I just signed the petition and will SHARE

  3. I wouldn't consider outlawing Fox News, Postmedia and other Rupert Murdoch media subsidiaries, to be authoritarian. It's just part of a healthy and regulated democratic media landscape to outlaw shameless partisan propaganda and misinformation masquerading as news. New Zealand was right to do this. The USA would be a much better place if they did it too.

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