Empresas Randon: A conexão entre Conexo e Randon Ventures no grupo T1 #9

Welcome to another episode of our Podcast series on the top 20 corporate innovation companies for the startup ecosystem. I am Marina Almeida Red, Open Innovation Head at The Bakery, a corporate innovation company that helps large companies accelerate their strategies through innovation. Today, I am here with Leo Vitor Redondo, Head of Conexo, a hub and connection platform that bridges the gap between Randon Companies and various players in the ecosystem such as entrepreneurs, startups, universities, and institutions. Leo Vitor will be sharing how Conexo connects with Randon Ventures, an initiative dedicated to investing in startups and acceleration. These investments are focused on segments complementary to Randon’s businesses, such as logistics, services, insurance, and mobility.
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Leo Vitor Redondo, Head of Conexo, gives us insights into the innovation efforts of Randon Companies and the extensive portfolio of products and services they offer globally. Starting as a renowned metalworking company, Randon now expands into financial services, digital services, and niobium. Leo Vitor shares how Randon’s purpose is to connect people and generate prosperity, making a positive impact on the world.

As we dive deeper into Randon’s innovation journey, Leo Vitor reveals his own background and how he ended up in Caxias do Sul, working for Conexo. From his experience in communication and television to his time at a global company like MJV, Leo Vitor brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He also discusses the vibrant innovation ecosystem in Florianopolis and his current role in managing Conexo, focusing on innovation culture and projects.

Conexo believes that successful innovation projects depend on people and their engagement, along with the right competencies and behaviors. They prioritize understanding the problem and involving various stakeholders, including students, universities, and startups. With an abundant mindset and collaboration, Conexo has achieved remarkable results, with over 80% of their net revenue coming from recently launched products.

One standout feature of Randon Companies is their investment unit, Randon Ventures. With a well-founded innovation thesis, Randon Ventures focuses on sectors like logistics, transportation technology, and textile technology. They actively collaborate with startups, leveraging various tools and platforms to address specific needs. This approach ensures that they choose the most suitable solutions for different challenges.

Leo Vitor emphasizes the importance of focusing on the problem at hand and understanding the people affected by it. Innovation is not just about using post-it notes and fluffy ideas; it’s about solving real problems and creating value for both Randon and the broader ecosystem.

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We hope this conversation with Leo Vitor Redondo gives you valuable insights into Randon Companies’ innovation journey and the impactful work being done at Conexo. Stay tuned for more episodes highlighting the top corporate innovation companies in the startup ecosystem.

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Marina Almeida, Head de Open Innovation da The Bakery Brasil, bate um papo com Leo Vitor Redondo, Head da Conexo, hub e plataforma de conexões, por meio físico e digital, entre as Empresas Randon e diversos players, como empreendedores, startups, universidades, instituições deste ecossistema e a comunidade.

Junto com a Conexo, Leo Vitor conta como a plataforma se conecta com a Randon Ventures, uma iniciativa do grupo destinada a investimentos em startups e aceleração. Os investimentos são direcionados para segmentos complementares aos negócios do grupo, como logística, serviços, seguros e mobilidade das coisas.

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