Despite Being a Tech Billionaire, This Individual Raises a Valid Argument Regarding Self-Driving Cars

**Title: Tesla Self-Driving Car Almost Causes Accident – Watch The Shocking Video**


In a shocking incident caught on camera, a Tesla running on self-driving technology nearly plowed through a stop sign into oncoming traffic. The video was shared by Dan O’Dowd, the founder of The Dawn Project, who is known for his mission to ban Tesla’s self-driving cars[^1^].

The incident occurred during a test drive in Santa Barbara, where O’Dowd and Tesla investor Ross Gerber engaged in a debate about the risks and benefits of autonomous driving systems before experiencing a ride in a Tesla Model S equipped with the Full Self-Driving software[^1^].

The video showcases casual conversation between Gerber and O’Dowd as the Tesla approaches a garbage truck reversing out of a driveway. While initially slowing down, Gerber disengages the self-driving mode and takes control of the wheel, narrowly avoiding a potential accident[^1^].

The video has sparked controversy, with O’Dowd calling for an immediate ban on Tesla’s self-driving technology, citing the dangerous situation they encountered during the test drive. O’Dowd’s mission to prohibit Tesla’s self-driving cars is further detailed on The Dawn Project’s website[^1^].

It’s worth noting that O’Dowd is a vocal critic of autonomous driving technology and has even produced a Super Bowl ad criticizing Tesla’s self-driving capabilities. However, critics argue that his credibility might be questionable, as he claims to be the “world’s leading expert in software that never fails” without substantial evidence[^1^][^2^].

This incident raises concerns about the readiness of self-driving technology and the potential risks associated with sharing the road with these vehicles. The controversy surrounding Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software and its implications for public safety continues to be debated[^1^].

Watch The Watchlist with Rayyvana and Jessica Burbank as they discuss this alarming incident and provide their insights. Join them live on weekdays at 5pm ET[^1^].

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Dan O’Dowd shared video of a Tesla running a stop sign. Rayyvana and Jessica Burbank break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at 5pm ET.

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“(KRON) — A test drive of Tesla’s self-driving technology revealed a significant error when the vehicle nearly plowed through a stop sign into oncoming traffic in Santa Barbara on Thursday, according to video shared by The Dawn Project founder Dan O’Dowd.

O’Dowd was in Santa Barbara for an open discussion with Tesla investor Ross Gerber. The two debated the risks and benefits of autonomous driving systems before hopping into a Tesla Model S for a test drive of Tesla’s newly released Full Self-Driving software.

The video begins with casual conversation amongst the Tesla’s passengers. Gerber is behind the wheel, and O’Dowd is in the passenger seat as the Tesla S comes upon what appears to be a garbage truck backing out of a driveway. The vehicle slows as if to stop and wait for the truck to go, but Gerber “disengages” the self-driving mode and takes control of the wheel.”


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  1. Self-driving technology is nowhere near ready. Elon the moron isn't going to be the one to bring it to us. I saw a story a while back that engineers wanted a lidar system they said was essential for the safety of the self-driving feature and Elon nixed it over the expense.

  2. I dunno or maybe just too old but I dug ditches for half a lifetime before leveling up. I cannot imagine being so lazy as not caring to drive my own car…and I've had long commutes to work. I suppose over time and enough accidents, they'll finally get the tech down and I'll be dead by then.

  3. That is terrifying and must cause anxiety attacks for the driver. I heard weak arguments that the car would have stopped if it was a LIVE human. That is rubbish and the car should stop for ANY object placed in front of it. Tesla FSD is a disaster waiting to happen.

  4. I agree there are tons of issues but I think that with all of this stuff you have to not take an extremist view of "we should never have self driving cars." And the fire risk is lower than ICE cars. But real engineers are working on these things not him alone.

    Also I'm a reliability engineer who breaks parts for a living if you knew how many parts I've made fail you'd never use anything. Breaking shit is part of engineering and when you want a rocket to fly you basically either need some to blow up or you need to wait a decade to do every calculation and simulation possible and spend 10x the cost on development.

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