Keynote Speaker Birgitta Ohlsson Discusses Democracy and the Threat of Democratic Backsliding in Europe at #PoliticsAwards 2023

**Title:** Keynote Speech by Birgitta Ohlsson: Tackling Democratic Backsliding in Europe | Innovation in Politics Awards Gala 2023

Are you concerned about the alarming rise of democratic backsliding? Join us as Birgitta Ohlsson, Director for Political Parties at the National Democratic Institute USA, delivers a thought-provoking keynote speech at the prestigious Innovation in Politics Awards Gala on 11 May 2023 in Warsaw.

In this captivating talk, Birgitta Ohlsson sheds light on the challenges faced by democracy in Europe and explores innovative approaches to counter democratic backsliding. Her insights and experiences as a renowned political expert empower us to understand the importance of safeguarding democratic values and finding creative solutions.

Through this enlightening keynote, you will gain a deeper understanding of the converging issues in European politics and learn about potential strategies to foster democracy and ensure its sustainability. Join us in Warsaw, a city known for its historical significance and vibrant political landscape, to be part of this transformative dialogue on democracy in Europe.

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For more information about the Innovation in Politics Awards Gala and Birgitta Ohlsson’s inspiring work in fostering democracy, visit the official website of the [Innovation in Politics Awards Gala]( and the [National Democratic Institute USA](

Note: The full transcript of the video is not provided, so it was not incorporated into the description.

Keynote Speech by Birgitta Ohlsson, Director for Political Parties, National Democratic Institute USA at the Innovation in Politics Awards Gala on 11 May 2023 in Warsaw

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