Seize Your Chance to Influence U.S. National AI Priorities by Providing Essential Insights on the Future of AI and Humanity – Take Action Now, Urges AI Ethics and Law.

Opportunity to Shape US National Priorities on AI

The White House has recently called for public input regarding more than two dozen AI human-alignment questions to shape the direction of our nation when it comes to advancing and seemingly unstoppable AI progress. As people are usually not offered the chance to proffer their opinions about AI, this request for input is a golden opportunity to have their voices heard.

Questions Higlighting Issues

The questions being asked indicate what seems to be at issue and what is significant but unknown. Moreover, the answers might be way down the road or may not be discernible. Therefore, contemplating the nature of the questions offers a tangible way to identify the gaps in understanding and identify the issues.

Background of US National AI Policies

Various governmental agencies are requesting inputs about different AI subtopics, but this particular request for input is broader, encompassing overarching national priorities about AI across the board.

Providing Brief Elucidation and Cheat Sheet of Questions

Some questions may seem daunting, especially for those who do not have the latest information about AI. However, each question is being asked for a reason, and the types of answers being sought are quite specific. This discussion provides a brief elucidation of each question to help people understand what is being asked.

Generative AI Raises Concerns

Generative AI, the latest and hottest form of AI is catching the attention of people worldwide as it undertakes online interactive dialogues and produces essays that appear to be composed by humans. However, it is important to note that AI is being portrayed as a doom and gloom pursuit and an extinction risk.

Possible Recap on Governmental Initiative

For those who might not have anything of substance to indicate, it is better to wait for a likely recap that will be produced out of this governmental initiative. It would be wise to avoid sending in garbled and nonsensical responses that will only clutter and make the task of ferreting out insightful and useful replies more challenging.


The opportunity to shape U.S. national priorities on AI by providing a response to the National AI Priorities initiative is an opportunity to have a voice in the future direction of the nation. By addressing the questions raised and providing well-considered arguments, people are making an essential contribution to the development of AI policies.

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